Romancing The West

Romancing The West

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

$22.00 Plus taxes and fees

Romancing The West
Celebrating the faith and hope of the people of the Great American West, the story of “Romancing the West®” is a gentle unveiling of singer/songwriter Christina Lynn Martin’s vision, including songs written about the West over a 30 year period and epic classics by renowned artists.

The music and imagery tells of the Native American people and the Russian ships exploring the West Coast, the Spanish quest into Alta California and the building of the Mission chain, the Lewis and Clarke expedition, the blazing of the Oregon Trail, the trail of tears, the gold rush, and coming of the railroad. As the centuries turn, we visit the roaring 20’s, the Great Depression and World War ll, the post war boom, dawning of the cold war, the civil rights movement, and Vietnam, arriving at this present age of political polarization. Romancing the West celebrates the triumph of the human spirit through feast, famine, and decades of social and political change, telling the story of the American people rising above their differences to share this great land today. Three themes boldly emerge throughout the show including the preservation of Hometown America, conveyed through lines like “Where My Home Town Went” written by David Mac Kechnie, respect for our fellow man and their rights as communicated in songs like “Wallowa Skies,” a tribute to Chief Joseph, and the triumph of the human spirit as shared in songs like “California” which speaks of the melded fates of the Native and Spanish people who built the Mission together, lived and died together in the collapse of the Great Stone Church, and whose ancestors carry on the history of their peoples together in the Fiesta Los Golondrinas.

As images of the Native people, Chinese miners, pioneer families, cowboys/rancheros, loggers, soldiers, and civil rights leaders from presidents to prisoners of war emerge on the screen, the theme song begs the question, will we make a difference? “In the stillness we breathe the air that they breathed, we stand on this dust that moved under their feet, on this mountain of dreams where we follow their lead will we be remembered? Will we leave a legacy?”
Venue Information:
Sun Valley Opera House
Sun Valley Village
Sun Valley, ID